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Building a Simple Application Using Nuxt 3 Vue Framework

Nuxt 3 Tutorial - Building a Simple Blog Using Vue 3 and Nuxtjs 3

In this simple series will learn about Nuxt 3 Vuejs framework features and we will implement a simple application using Nuxt 3. This is a video series on youtube.





Nuxt is an open-source framework for building websites and web applications based on Vue-js. The framework provides a couple of features that makes it ready for building production-ready applications as fast as possible.

While building this application we will cover some of Nuxt 3 features some of these features include:

  • File Routing: Nuxt generates the routing automatically based on the structure of the pages/ directory.
  • Server side rendering (SSR): This is one of the important features of Nuxt framework which makes the website SEO ready.
  • Vue 3 composition and composables: As Nuxt 3 depends on Vuejs 3 so you can you use the composition Api and composables in your components and pages.
  • Data fetching: Nuxt 3 provides data fetching methods built-in which are SSR-compatible.
  • Code splitting: Nuxt splits the code into chunks thereby reducing the initial load time of the application.
  • Build tools: Nuxt 3 comes already with Vite bundler out of the box with support of hot module replacement (HMR) in development and bundling your code for production.
  • Typescript support: Nuxt 3 comes with support of typescript using .tsconfig auto-generated types.
  • Server Engine: Nuxt 3 runs on the Nitro server engine. In development, it uses Rollup and Node.js workers for your server code and context isolation. In production, Nitro builds your app and server into one universal¬†.output¬†directory.
  • Modules. The framework can be extended easily using third party packages and libraries using modules.

You can watch the full youtube series on this link.


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