implementing crm with laravel finishing

Implementing CRM System With Laravel Part 13: Finishing

Today we will open the final chapter of “Implementing CRM system with laravel” and in this part we will add the final pieces to our system.



Series Topics:


Updating Dashboard Homepage

Let’s update the dashboard homepage so we will show some quick links and some statistics according to whether the user is super admin or not. To do that we will some functions to Generals.php file

Add those functions at the end of app/Helpers/General.php

Next open resources/views/pages/home/index.blade.php and update it with this code

In this code i checked if the user is super admin. If it’s super admin i show a list of boxes that display the contacts count, leads count, opportunities and so on. Then i show a grid that displays the crm sales person.

If the user is not a super admin in other means it’s a sales person we display the same boxes but in this case we display the contacts assigned to this user. Also we display a to do list of tasks at the end.

At this point we finished the crm system and below is the repository url on bitbucket.



In this series you have learned how to create a basic CRM system with laravel, we covered also some important topics related to laravel also such as authorization and how to deal with permissions and roles, saving them into database and assign roles to users. Also we covered some basic CRM modules such as contacts and tasks and mailbox. There are a lot to do with a CRM system, try to add more features to this system for example try to make a dynamic mailing template and storing them into database and so on.

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