Rules Of Posting

These rules applies to anyone who want to post in our website please read it carefully before getting started.

Topics We Interested In

Anyone who want to post in Web Mob Tuts must have a good experience in one of those fields (Web Development, Web Design, Frontend Development, Android Development, IOS Development) and have an experience in technical writing topics related to these fields. We welcome people who have extensive knowledge in web and mobile technologies languages such as PHP,, Java, Nodejs, Javascript, HTML, CSS, APIS, Android, IOS. Any article you sent will be reviewed and if it matches our website terms will be accepted and published immediately.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

Note that any post that match one of the below items will be removed.


Don’t embed malicious code in your posts. Don’t use deception to generate revenue or traffic. Don’t write posts aimed primarily at affiliate marketing.

Mass Registration and Automation

Don’t register accounts or post content automatically, systematically, or programmatically.

Deceptive Impersonation

Don’t impersonate someone else to deceive people. Parody and ridicule are fine, but make clear that that’s what you’re doing.

No Porn

Don’t post these things in our website or your account will be terminated immediately.

Privacy Violations

Don’t post content that violates others’ privacy, including personally identifying or confidential information